Quality Policy

UAV Navigation (UAVN) operates a Quality Management System (QMS) in order to maximise Customer satisfaction. Quality guides everything we do in our efforts to attract, satisfy and retain our Customers.
The key guiding principle of the QMS is continuous improvement; through excellence in the design, development and production of UAV autopilots and associated products and services we aim to offer our Customers cutting-edge solutions to their requirements.
The core values in our Business Plan which enable this continuous improvement are as follows:
People. Quality affects everyone in UAVN, and the people at UAVN are the key factor in the quality of our products and services. The importance of training, motivating and involving all staff in the application of the QMS and its evolution is emphasized at all levels.
Quality. UAVN will only be associated with the highest standards in physical and software products, sales, administration, logistics etc according to the requirements of the ISO 9001-2008 Standard. Our Quality systems are there to ensure that only the best is good enough in everything we do. Quality is our daily business - not just an audit once a year.
Validated Products. We never deliver a product (physical or software product, aircraft adaptation, training course or configuration file to a Customer until it has been tested 100%. Our reputation depends upon it.
Clearly Identified Objectives. We carefully select our targets and only take on those projects and Customers which we are capable of satisfying completely.
Mission Command. We believe in our people and we expect a lot from them; even the most junior engineer will have big responsibilities from day one. We train them and trust them to grow with us. At each level of the Company we give direction by objectives. We don't tell people how to do it; we tell them what we want to acheive - whilst always observing the other core values.
Flexibility. We do not operate a 9 to 5 company; we expect great flexibility from our people, and in return we offer a creative and flexible working environment.
Enthusiasm. We love what we do!