Air Race Telemetry

UAV Navigation develops and provides the official telemetry services for the prestigious Red Bull Air Race series. This is a demanding environment where only the best cutting edge technology will do; aircraft operate at the limit, up to 11.2G (see video) in a series of non-stop rolls and loops - an almost impossible environment for any Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS).
UAV Navigation's telemetry system is fitted onboard all Red Bull Air Race planes and is used to provide real-time feedback to the pilots, as well as informing the judges on critical safety and point scoring parameters. The information is also passed to TV on the ground so that viewers can understand the relevant accelerations, speeds, altitude and Euler angles. 
The system includes:
The Red Bull Air Race series is just one example of how UAV Navigation's technology can be used in a competitive environment to improve safety and to engage spectators in the experience; other examples include:
  • Motor racing (endurance, circuit, rally, motorcycle)
  • Competitive 4x4 (measurement of roll angles, angles of approach and departure, etc)
  • Skiing
  • Powerboat racing
  • National Championship Air Races (Reno Air Races)
  • etc
Competition series organizers are invited to contact us to discuss how UAV Navigation's team of experts can help bring this technology to their sport.