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15 years flying together

UAV Navigation is a privately-owned company that specializes in designing flight control solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The company was established back in the year 2004 and has extensive experience in providing cutting-edge flight control solutions. Since its inception, UAV Navigation has successfully worked on highly demanding projects that were designed to resolve intricate issues.


At present, UAV Navigation’s flight control solutions are relied upon by numerous Tier 1 aerospace manufacturers. Our solutions have been successfully implemented in a wide range of professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). This includes high-performance tactical unmanned planes, aerial targets, and helicopters.


Our first autopilot was the AP04, which is currently used in several platforms and has delivered excellent results. Its successor, VECTOR autopilot has grown into a whole range of autopilots. In this way, we offer a new autopilot, the VECTOR-400, designed as a solution to target drone segment customers — it is an adapted version of the VECTOR autopilot which will be named as VECTOR-600.


The cornerstone of the company’s success is its in-house capability to develop Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRS), flight control algorithms, and to fuse the data provided by multiple sensors. This way, we found POLAR AHRS, which continually evolved into several others such as POLAR-500 and POLAR-300. The POLAR-500 takes a step forward in terms of performance to meet the industry’s demands such as antenna pointing and stabilization. It includes a Dual GNSS Compass allowing a precise platform heading estimation and the capability to communicate using typical protocols of the aerospace industry as it is the ARINC 429.


On the other hand, UAV Navigation will offer a wide range of simulators composed of a Software-in-the-loop (SIL) solutions designed to provide our customers with a way to train operators in our Ground Control Station software and a Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) solution, more advanced that allows the user to visualize and understand the behavior of the actual flight control software and simulate failures in order to provide more advanced training to operators.


Moreover, at UAV Navigation, we are currently about to roll out our new flight control solution for VTOL platforms. It will allow us to provide an aerospace-grade solution to manufacturers of this sort of platform.


UAV Navigation is an aerospace company that maintains the highest quality standards and provides robust, reliable and innovative solutions. We prioritize flight safety while designing flight control solutions. In order to achieve this, we follow a set of extremely demanding quality procedures. We believe in upgrading our products from time to time, which enables us to supply our customers with reliable products that highlight the technical potential of our company.


At UAV Navigation, we believe in constantly developing our products according to industry demands. This drive for continuous improvement sets us apart from the rest and distinguishes us as one of the leading flight control solution providers. To keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the aerospace industry, our team of engineers work tirelessly to adapt our products. We offer the best solutions available in the market by R&D projects such as Visual Navigation, this is, navigation improvements by using cameras; or the Sense and Avoidance to allow the integration of our system, and by extension, our clients’ platforms in the controlled airspace, commonly known as UTM.


UAV Navigation treasures its clients and the relationship that it shares with them. We believe in nurturing our relationship with our clients and partners by winning their confidence through unwavering support. So, we adapt our products and add more functionalities based on customer inputs and industry demands.


This excellent relationship forms the basis for our technical success and ensures that we exceed customer expectations. As a result, our services are endorsed by many clients and partners that recommend us to other manufacturers — This is the sign of true excellence.


With over fifteen years in the aerospace industry, UAV Navigation continues to design customer-centric flight control solutions.

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UAV Navigation is a privately-owned company that has specialized in the design of flight control solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) since 2004. It is used by a variety of Tier 1 aerospace manufacturers in a wide range of UAV - also known as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or 'drones'. These include high-performance tactical unmanned planes, aerial targets, mini-UAVs and helicopters.