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The Crew Behind The Uncrewed: Javier Blesa

Could you briefly describe the main tasks you have to carry out in your day-to-day life?

I am a software engineer working in the embedded software section. In this department we develop the new low-level functionalities necessary to later develop the flight logics. I also work integrating new peripherals that provide information and allow system elements control such as cameras, motors, altimeters, etc.


The integration of third-party peripheral elements with the UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía flight control system poses challenges. Which factors are important for this integration to run smoothly?

The first and fundamental factor is to have good documentation. If the interface between the peripheral and the autopilot is clear, the task is much easier for all three parties: manufacturer, customer and integrator. It is also very important to have the necessary laboratory equipment for the tests.


During this process, coordination and joint work between manufacturing companies is a must. How do you face the collaboration between UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía and the manufacturers so that the integration projects are completed satisfactorily?

Coordination between manufacturers and UAV Navigation-Grupo Oesía is essential. We all provide very important feedback to meet the needs of our customers. Each integration requires fluency in communication to correctly understand the peripheral operation, what the client is expecting and the software design that will be developed to optimize operation. We coordinate with clients depending on the type of integration: providing documentation, hosting technical meetings and even visiting manufacturers’ or clients’ premises.


Before joining the company, you did a PhD and your intention was to develop your career in Education. What do you think should be the role played by private companies in the training of future engineers?

Both private companies and universities play an essential role in the development of any engineer. The university and the PhD have equipped me with capacities that can only be learned in that environment.

Later I wanted to start my career in the private sector, and this has complimented my training with new ways of working, new knowledge and skills, focusing on a client product or service.

The company can contribute a lot to the training of engineers through internships or courses that allow engineers to learn how they are going to work once they have finished their education. Based on my experience, students pay a lot of attention to these initiatives that direct them on what is most necessary and valued in the working world.


javier blesa

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