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Plan large area survey quickly and easily with UAV Navigation ground software

Unmanned aerial vehicles are presented as a great alternative in the aeronautical industry to carry out missions, notably reducing crew costs and operational costs. In the same way, their ability to execute automatic actions makes them a very attractive tool to complete large-scale civil operations such as search and rescue missions.

The possibility of covering a wide area of land quickly and efficiently, allowing its subsequent analysis, is very useful. Likewise, the use of on-board cameras allows the observation of critical areas such as areas devastated by natural disasters: floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Unmanned aerial vehicles are presented as an alternative for the rapid location and, consequently, the significant increase of rescued people.

UAVs are presented in this case also as an alternative for cost reduction. In the same way, the mapping of the cultivation fields allows to quickly know the state of the crops, recognize the degree of maturity or the possible effect of adverse weather conditions and therefore allows a rapid action on them, making it possible to maximize the size of the crops. With this type of tools, in which the platform can be positioned with great precision and fly a few centimeters from the crop, much more efficient and environmentally friendly spraying could be achieved.

The provision of a flight control solution that allows planning missions covering large areas and then executing them completely autonomously would increase efficiency and optimize operations.

The UAV Navigation ground control station software includes the Flight Plan Generator extension, a tool that enables the automatic creation of flight plans in a simple way by selecting the area to be inspected. With this tool, users will be able to quickly and easily plan large-area inspection missions.

At UAV Navigation we care about generating tools that add value to the specific missions of our clients, making the flight control solution that best suits their needs available to each type of operation.

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UAV Navigation is a privately-owned company that has specialized in the design of flight control solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) since 2004. It is used by a variety of Tier 1 aerospace manufacturers in a wide range of UAV - also known as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or 'drones'. These include high-performance tactical unmanned planes, aerial targets, mini-UAVs and helicopters.