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Visionair Gauges

In the very early stages of aviation, control of an aircraft was based purely on visual feedback and sensorial perception: flying ‘by the seat of the pants’. Such instruments as were available in the cockpit were very basic and limited in their capacity. As aircraft complexity has increased, more information and more complex instruments have become available.

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Radar Altimeter


Altimeters are devices designed to calculate the height of an aircraft above the surface directly below it. This height may be Above Ground Level (AGL) or Above Sea Level (ASL).

Different types of altimeter use different technologies to calculate this height, including pressure-density to altitude relationship and the propagation and reflection of electromagnetic waves etc.

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Navigation is a process involving three steps:

  1. Establish the track that needs to be followed (i.e. Flight Plan)
  2. Establish current position relative to the FP
  3. Execute all necessary guidance actions to correct any deviation in position

There are different types of navigation system:

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A Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is essentially a re-programmable integrated circuit in the form of a chip.
FPGAs are used in many different fields, including military applications, machining industries and the aeronautical industry.
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UAV Navigation is proud to present its latest Estimation software update (v5.54), featuring the Online Hard Iron Calibration (OLHIC) capability.


1.   The ability to perform on-board, autonomous magnetometer calibration in real time without ground support is a challenge for all modern aircraft, including UAVs.