AUVSI Spain, Diálogo 2017

AUVSI has now arrived in Spain and UAV Navigation could not miss out on the opportunity to take part in the very first event organised in our home country.
Diálogo 2017 proved to be an interesting forum for presentations and debate on automated transport networks into the future.
UAV Navigation was invited to present from the point of view of a company which has over 13 years experience at the cutting edge of the autopilot and unmanned aerial vehicle market; we were able to contribute a pragmatic point of view on the safe and progressive integration of UAVs within the airspace and also the implications for airspace regulation. The presentation was met with widespread support by the delegates from the Air Force and the professors teaching the subject at the University of León.
Unmanned technology is moving ahead by leaps and bounds, and it seems sometimes that legislation is having difficulty in keeping up with the pace of development. This was the key issue developed in the round table discussion by Miguel Angel de Frutos, UAV Navigation’s Head of Flight Control and representative at Diálogo 2017.

The next AUVSI event will be in Dallas, Texas this coming May: XPONENTIAL 2017. The UAV Navigation team will be there as usual with a stand where you can see the latest autopilot, software and developments in flight control - we look forward to seeing you there!