Referenced Navigation with UAV Navigation's Flight Control System Version 8

Version 8 of UAV Navigation's Flight Control System (FCS) allows the creation of flight plans with waypoints which update their position automatically in relation to a moving reference point, such as a Ground Control Station (GCS) located onboard a ship or a ground based vehicle.

In addition to UAV Navigation’s GCS, this moving external reference point may be any device capable of providing positional information. The system automatically recalculates and updates the waypoints in a flight plan, thereby achieving referenced navigation.

Additionally, the system can create dynamic flight plans which use data received from the autopilot onboard the UAV, e.g. from a payload such as a camera. Data from such devices are sufficient to generate and command a loitering path around a moving vehicle or towards a target defined by a camera gimbal’s viewfinder, among other applications. UAV Navigation has also built a software tool to create virtual references in order to create moving flight plans.

The configuration and update of flight plans and references is simplified thanks to Visionair's intuitive graphical interface.

This important enhancement to the FCS provides UAV operators with even more options when planning and executing UAV missions.