UAV Navigation Releases its ATOM AHRS-INS

UAV Navigation, a leading vendor of flight control avionics and motion processing solutions, announces the release of its ATOM integrated motion processor with embedded sensor fusion stack. It is the outcome of more than 8 years of motion and flight control experience.
The ATOM hardware is a small (16mm/0.65inches side, LCC44 footprint) integrated device including 3-axes gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers together with a powerful ARM Cortex™-M0 application processor with on-chip Flash, RAM, ROM, EEPROM and a full set of external interfaces.
The ATOM embedded software stack seamlessly integrates the different sensors, providing a single 'sensor fusion' experience.
The device provides accurate orientation information, from which users can derive speeds and trajectories. Rather than simply extracting from the sensors single event information (e.g. the number of a runner’s strides, or a system’s up/down position) embedded system developers can now easily access the full scope of the device’s movement in time and space with navigation-grade accuracy.
The ATOM motion processor is a great example of the latest advances in aerospace technology being brought to the consumer electronics market. It has been conceived to meet the price, area and power requirements of consumer electronics, using MEMS technology and advanced system-onchip processors. The ATOM is pre-tested, pre-calibrated and ready for volume production.
Guillermo Parodi, UAV Navigation’s CEO and co-founder, commented: “Sensor fusion makes a big difference, but it is also an extremely difficult skill to acquire. We firmly believe that by bringing this device to the market we are lowering the entry barrier for developers worldwide and unleashing a host of exciting new applications.”
This new motion processor offers great opportunities in areas such as sporting goods, the automotive sector, camera stabilization, indoor navigation, GPS assistance, transport, logistics and situation sensitive applications.
The ATOM is also the heart of UAV Navigation's PROTON avionics. UAV Navigation's attitude, heading and inertial navigation software resides in the ATOM non-volatile memory and its results are accessible via serial or CAN interfaces. The ATOM can be used by itself as a stand-alone AHRS/IMU or it can be used in combination with additional sensors (air data system, speedometers, GPS) for building inertial navigation (INS) systems.