UAV Navigation supplies flight control avionics to Universal Target Systems Ltd

UAV Navigation, a leading provider of UAV avionics, announces that it will supply UTSL with flight control systems for naval target drone applications. The UAV avionics were a key element in UTSL's winning bid to supply targets to the Navy of an important Asian customer.
With this deal, UAV Navigation further strengthens its position as the world's leading independent supplier of target avionics.
Juan Luque, UAV Navigation’s Head of Flight Control and co-founder, commented: "The target drone sector is an attractive but difficult market. Customers demand excellent performance in every flight scenario. Products must be flexible enough to simulate a wide range of threats at ever higher speeds. Our leadership in the target market is the result of years of work in this area. Some of our recent developments specifically address the need for high performance target avionics that are also affordable."
About UTSL
Universal Targets S.L. is a UK company specializing in the manufacture and Supply of Aerial Target Equipment and Associated Systems for Air Defence Training over land and sea.