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VECTOR Autopilot Controls The New HEF 32

High Eye has released the HEF 32, a lightweight unmanned helicopter system designed for the industrial market, based on existing aviation principles. It is a logical evolutionary development based on the previous HEF 30 model, which has been in operation for several years. Overall the new model is more capable and designed to provide vastly improved mission integration capabilities. Running on a small petrol engine and following a rugged design philosophy from nose to tail, the system is able to provide mission times in excess of 4 hours through adverse conditions and in the most challenging environments.

At the heart of the flight control system lies our cutting-edge autopilot, the VECTOR,  which has gone through hundreds of flight hours in the HEF 30 and HEF 32 helicopters in the meantime. The VECTOR autopilot provides a robust flight control stabilization solution and allows very advanced aerial maneuvering, including fully automatic stabilized turn flying and predictable layers of emergency modes. 


The HEF 32’s ground station has been designed with the mindset of providing a recognizable layout for existing helicopter pilots, using both a flight control stick and a collective lever. In order to allow the successful integration into more advanced ground station designs, which are not shy of a normal helicopter cockpit, our team has modified the ground station interfaces.

A long-lasting history of successful cooperation has existed between UAV Navigation and High Eye, who continue to integrate UAV Navigation's products to the latest standards. Over the years, several projects have been completed by UAV Navigation following requirements from High Eye. As a result of these projects and UAV Navigation extensive effort to work on solutions which are specific to rotary winged UAVs, the VECTOR autopilot has become one of the most capable VTOL autopilots on the market.



'We are expecting new and even more advanced flight control solutions from UAVNavigation with great anxiety and will take us up into our testing programs instantly. This includes new to be released functionalities like an automatic ballistic recovery parachute system for a rotary winged UAV, and a complete GPS based heading reference for operation on naval vessels and in the polar regions' said High Eye.

Recently the HEF 32 has been found to fully comply with MIL-STD-461F-RS103 following several days of testing in dedicated military testing facilities. This means that it is capable to withstand fields of very high RF energy as they could be expected when operating from tactical military ships and frigates. At the moment it is undergoing several performance calibration tests to provide even more accurate performance graphs and tables for operators

If you have a helicopter UAV , or any other kind of rotatory wing platform, of any size, then we can help you turn it into a fully operational UAV. Please feel free to contact us.

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