Visionair v4.36 available now!

New features:

  • Visionair Charts.   Brand new functionality which allows graphical telemetry analysis:
    • Graphically represent every parameter sent/received via the telemetry stream. This includes all variables found in the UAV Navigation ICD. 
    • Improved, intuitive interface.
    • Real-time operation, meaning that the system can be analysed on the fly (not just historically from a log file).

  • Renewed Visionair Gauges.   Use the Gauges to show any desired parameter (fuel, RPM, battery level etc) during a UAV operation. Like Charts, the revised Gauges can cover all variables found in the UAV Navigation ICD.

  • Advanced Link Quality Panel.    Detailed, real-time information on communications quality. The new extended panel shows information from all the telemetry packets received by Visionair.

  • New Look Up Tables. The Look Up Tables (LUT), together with a Joystick/Gamepad, allow the selection of an input source for each UAV control surface; they also allow full customisation of behaviours for control when in MANUAL mode. The LUTs are part of the Visionair Config Tools.

  • New Rulers.   The new rulers show the distance between the selected point and the UAV or GCS, as well as information about distance and heading.
  • Floating Windows.   All Visionair windows can be placed in different parts of the screen according to operator preference.
  • Improved Joystick Emulator.   Improved interface and functionality. The new Joystick Emulator allows the user to assign a noise to an input signal in order to verify correct behaviour.
  • Other Improvements:
    • Save the complete Visionair configuration in a single Mission File.
    • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) is now available within the Flight Plan Editor, as well as the UAV tags for auto and fly-to modes.
    • Interface improvements (new style for notifications, pre-flight check windows, etc.).
    • Improved CPU usage.
To see all the improvements in Visionair, take a look at the WhatsNew file available via our Download Center.

Visionair v4.36 is available now via the Download Center.

IMPORTANT: please check this article in the Knowledge Base for compatibility issues. If in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Support Center for help.