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Visionair v4.34 available now!

New features:

  • New Visionair Config Tools: the autopilot Config Tools are now fully integrated within Visionair (previously a separate 'User Tools' app was required). Advantages of the integrated Config Tools include:
    • A single app to configure the autopilot, plan a mission and then execute it.
    • New more user friendly interface.
    • Simulation capability: the new Visionair Config Tools can be run as a simulation so that the user can test functionality without the need to have an autopilot connected.
  • New Gains Panel: brings major improvements:
    • Makes the process of uploading the AP Config File even easier.
    • Provides a safer way of modifying the AP Config File, if required.
  • AHRS display improvements: better situational awareness for the operator via improved AHRS display elements, including sensors and references used by the autopilot during operation.
  • New Alarms: safer operation due to more information about the aircraft and the internal functioning of the autopilot. This means the Internal Pilot will be better prepared to react and implement the emergency procedures if required.
  • Visionair Layouts: brand new functionality which enables full customization of the display elements within Visionair. Onscreen elements and menu items can be shown or hidden as required.
  • User Switches panel: new window which gives the operator direct access to any User Switches configured in the autopilot.
  • Link Quality panel: color-coded graphical representation of communications quality between the autopilot and Visionair.
  • Joystick Emulator: the fully integrated joystick emulator panel allows the user to command deflections directly from Visionair in order to carry out, for example, servo configuration.
  • Other Improvements:
    • More information recorded in the Log File (for improved flight telemetry analysis)
    • Improved Server mode connectivity.


Visionair v4.34 is available now via the Download Center.

IMPORTANT: please check this article in the Knowledge Base for compatibility issues. If in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Support Center for help.

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