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Once again, UAV Navigation has successfully proven the reliability of its autopilots and flight control systems, this time having integrated its autopilot into a 3.8m fixed wing, piston-engined observation UAV for VITO, a Belgian research and technology organization.
May 15th, 2015
UAV Navigation and New Zealand based Martin Aircraft Company (MACL) are pleased to announce their partnership in developing flight control avionics and motion processing solutions for potential use in the Martin Jetpack.
Apr 29th, 2015
The Unmanned Systems 2015 Show taking place in Atlanta, USA, is coming soon and UAV Navigation’s team is looking forward to it. 
We are pleased to announce our participation on the Unmanned Systems 2015 Show, a global event that will gather professionals, experts and leaders in robotics, drones and unmanned systems from around the world to exchange their experience and talk about the latest in this increasing industry. 
Apr 10th, 2015
UAV Navigation achieves the first beyond line of sight (BLOS) flight of a drone weighing more than 25 kg in segregated airspace.
UAV Navigation, a Spanish company, has succeeded in demonstrating the safe operation of an automatic drone in a flight to 20km beyond visual range.
Feb 13th, 2015
UAV Navigation develops and provides the official telemetry services for the prestigious Red Bull Air Race series. Now, after the end of the last edition, we interview Álvaro Navas, RedBull Air Race Sports Technical Manager about the race, the competition and the products that UAV Navigation has developed for the show.
- First of all, what is your role in RBAR and what you like most about the race?
Oct 24th, 2014
UAV Navigation, a leading developer of flight control avionics and motion processing solutions, announces that it will sponsor a plane at the Reno National Championship Air Races and Air Show from Wednesday 9 thru 15 September 2013.
Guillermo Parodi, UAV Navigation's CEO and co-founder, will once again be piloting the aircraft. Plane nº36, callsign 'N-A-RUSH', is a Cassutt Special III, a single-seat monoplane racer designed in the United States in 1951 by ex-TWA captain Tom Cassutt.
Aug 03rd, 2013
UAV Navigation, a leading provider of UAV avionics, announces that it will supply UTSL with flight control systems for naval target drone applications. The UAV avionics were a key element in UTSL's winning bid to supply targets to the Navy of an important Asian customer.
With this deal, UAV Navigation further strengthens its position as the world's leading independent supplier of target avionics.
Jun 26th, 2013