Flight Data Recorder

IP66 Design

Ready to operate in extreme environments.

Robust and Compact Design

No small memory cards easy to lose.

Internal Flash Memory

Up to 10 hours of data recording for standard UAV Navigation telemetry.



Compact RS-232 and serial bus logger, housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure and designed to IP66 rating. Virtually unlimited data storage capacity when coupled to an external USB mass storage device.

The Flight Data Recorder (FDR) is designed to be installed onboard a UAV in order to record all data from the aircraft's sensors, control commands (servos, ECU etc.), as well as control packets received from the Ground Control Station (GCS).

The FDR ensures that any mission can be analyzed completely once a mission is completed. This includes complete onboard data recording in case of a loss of communications with the GCS, and even recording of vital data to assist in reconstructing the circumstances surrounding an accident - before, during and after an event.

  • 512 MB fast internal FLASH ECC memory for data circular buffer (up to 10 hours of data recording for standard UAV Navigation telemetry).
  • External USB Mass Storage support (FAT32) with intelligent automatic data backups. Download the latest flights only on each new connection.
  • Robust and compact design. There are no small memory cards which might be easily damaged or lost.
  • The system can operate without external memory connected (internal memory of 512 MB) or with a massive external USB memory connected (virtually unlimited capacity). The USB memory can be protected by password to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive flight data.
  • Asynchronous RS-232, two-channel recording up to 230400 bps baud rate, allowing custom baud rate configuration.
  • Simultaneous recording of two channels to one common or two separate output files.
  • Advanced Date&Time stamping (date as a file name, 1ms precision time stamps, rechargeable Real-Time Clock (RTC) backup battery, built-in smart recharge circuit).
  • Easily configurable system via a configuration file loaded using a USB pendrive.


(Available soon...)

Wide power supply range 9 - 36VDC
Dimensions (mm, H x W x L) 21.5 x 43.0 x 102.0
Weight 70g
Industrial temperature range -40ºC to +85ºC
System connector

#1 (Data logging): BINDER 718 SERIES 09-3423-86-06

#2 (USB HOST): BINDER 709 SERIES 09-9791-30-05

  • Internal Memory: 512 MB fast internal FLASH ECC memory
  • Expandable Memory: Yes. USB compatible connector (cable provided)
Serial Comm

RS232 (Two channel recording up to 230400 bps baud rate)