Target Drone Peripherals Control Board

The Target In/Out 02 (TGTIO02) is a peripherals control board for target drones designed to control multiple sequences as follows:
  • Smoke or IR flare pyrotechnics (up to 8 elements each)
  • Engine kill
  • Parachute release

As such it is an excellent solution for integrating all the peripheral functions of a target drone. It is also a good choice where limited in-out (I/O) connectivity is available from the existing autopilot (AP).

Key features:
  • Protected against Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) events on the pyro outputs
  • Protected against shorted pyro fuzes



PWM input ranges

1 ms to 2 ms high, 50Hz

0 to 3.3V or 0 to 5V

Sequencer triggers

1.75ms high

Sequencer resets

1.25ms high

Engine kill / parachute triggers

1.55ms high

Engine kill / parachute resets

1.45ms high


Supply voltage range

9 to 15V

Idle current consumption



Sequencer outputs

Four 100ms pulses

Sequencer outputs drive


Engine kill drive


Parachute drive

1A continous, 3A peak

Size (mm, H x W x L) 10.1 x 90.0 x 100.0