GCS Software

Mission planning and execution application

Fully featured, customizable interface with an emphasis on the mission. Intuitive and reliable.

All-in-one software

The same software is used to configure and operate the autopilot.

Real-time graphing

Visionair includes real-time graphs to visualize telemetry from the autopilot.


Dynamic Runway and Follow-me

The system can be configured so that a Flight Plan automatically follows a moving Ground Control Station (i.e. onboard ship).

Customizable Interface

Customize the look and feel of Visionair to suit your platform and operating procedures.

Multi-UAV Operation Support

Carry out operations with more than one autopilot from a single Ground Control Station.


Visionair Configuration Tools (Visionair Config Tools) is the configuration utility provided by UAV Navigation (UAVN) in order to configure autopilots (AP) and AHRS-INS units.
This extension is used for configuration of the VECTOR and the VECTOR AHRS. It is used to configure an autopilot or AHRS-INS unit before operation. In addition, key data and telemetry information can be read from the unit once it is installed in a platform. The Visionair Config Tools is considered as a vital part of pre-flight checks for autopilots.
Visionair Configuration Tools for autopilots and AHRS
Visionair is UAV Navigation's (UAVN) standard Ground Control Station (GCS) software for planning and executing UAV missions. It is compatible with all UAVN autopilots (AP).
Visionair GCS Software from UAV Navigation
Basic Features:
  • Mission-oriented interface.
  • Fully featured UAV mission planning and execution application, with GUI.
  • Platform: PC/laptop (with keyboard + mouse).
  • Suitable for fixed-wing, helicopter or multi-rotor UAVs and targets.
  • Main Flight Modes: Auto, Manual, Fly-To, Hold (Hover), Safe (Return To Base).
  • Fully Auto Take-Off.
  • Fully Auto Landing.
  • Camera Control Modes: Air, Ground, Geo, Pilot View, Stow, Rate (with integrated video display).
  • Waypoints: 100 max.
  • Range: Unlimited.
  • Altitude: Unlimited.
  • Full DEM support.
  • Link Quality panel.
  • Target Editor.
  • Fly/No-fly Zones.
  • Rulers.
  • Full range of configurable alarms.
  • Compatible with all kinds of digital mapping.
Advanced Functions as Standard:
Visionair Charts Graphically represent every parameter sent/received via the telemetry stream with an intuitive interface. Real-time operation, meaning that the system can be analysed on the fly.
DGPS The standard GPS receiver in APs and GCS gives an accuracy of approx 3-5m, which can be enhanced by using DGPS corrections.
GPS RTK Visionair is compatible with RTK systems (e.g. Trimble BD920) to give navigation accuracy down to a couple of centimeters.
Transponder Control Visionair features a panel for configuration and control of an onboard transponder (currently supported: Sagetech and Microair)
Multi-UAV Operations Multi-UAV allows control of up to 16 UAVs at any one time from a single GCS.
TCP/UDP Server-Client Connectivity Connect two or more GCS, each running Visionair, to control a single UAV flight. Useful if the Visionair display needs to be mirrored remotely, and also if control must be passed from one GCS to another and back again as required.
NMEA GPS Visionair can output the GPS track of a platform's position in NMEA format (useful if the mission must be monitored by another party, e.g. range control can monitor the flight of a target drone).
Auto Grid Flight Plan Generation Visionair automatically generates the most efficient flight plan to cover a designated area. The user simply draws a polygon around the perimeter of the area, and then Visionair automatically generates the waypoints to cover the entire area. This is useful for Search & Rescue missions and for crop-spraying, amongst other tasks.
Sea-Skimming For high performance target drones, UAV Navigation has developed the capability to maintain the aircraft's altitude down to just 7m above the water's surface at high speed (200kts+), using an advanced radar altimeter.
Under Development:
Formation Flight This capability will allow Visionair to control up to three UAVs at once as if they were one single UAV. This is particularly useful for target drone operations where the operator wants to simulate the release of anti-ship missiles from a low-flying (sea-skimming) threat; the formation of targets can be flown towards the attack area and then one of the targets can be separated to simulated missile release.
Visionair Analytics is the official software application provided to customers in order to analyze telemetry data from the UAV Navigation Flight Control Solution.
It has been developed to create a single application to analyse Visionair logs. Visionair Analytics allows to graphically represent every variable received through telemetry. This way, the user will be able to monitor key resources and metrics and eliminate issues that may affect to the flight safety.
The multiple representation of parameters enables an intuitive analysis of data. In addition, its interactive graphs, which enable 'click and drag' zoom control to zero in on specific areas of interest within the dataset, make the study easy.

Visionair Analytics to analyse the telemetry data.