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Payload Integration

As a customer-oriented flight control service provider, UAV Navigation is fully aware of its responsibilities regarding payload integrations. So, to meet the diverse payload integration-related requirements of our clients, we offer a wide range of services.

We know that our client platforms make use of very different payloads that could vary in both purpose and requirement. In the past, we have provided payload integration services to clients involved in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), transponders for the integration in the airspace Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) including radar altimeter for precision landings.

Closer integration of the autopilot with the payload enables better communication between the two, by facilitating the smooth transmission of commands and feedback responses. The autopilot provides the payloads with important data that widens its capabilities and enhances precision. At the same time, the information received from these systems is critical for its safe and autonomous performance.

UAV Navigation works closely with several leading payload manufacturers in order to provide platform manufacturers with a wide range of choices. However, if our clients request the integration of other payloads, our engineering team can help integrate that.

For Payload integration, we require:

  • Payload unit on loan, any special cables, power supply connectors, etc…
  • Interface Control Document (ICD).
  • Statement of Requirement (SOR) — This allows our engineers to understand the customer’s goal before carrying out the payload integration.
  • Acceptance Testing Protocol (ATP) — This refers to acceptance criteria, which must be agreed upon prior to the commencement of work.

For payload integration, the deliverables normally include:

  • A special software version and a driver that enables the autopilot or AHRS unit to communicate with the new payload and incorporate the new functionality.  
  • An update or modification to Visionair, which facilitates interaction with the new payload.
  • Modified documentation via UAV Navigation’s Knowledge Base.

Our engineering team consists of qualified experts with years of experience in payload integration across various industries. With an absolute focus on customer requirements, our team is eager to help you achieve your goal in the best manner possible. 

For Client-Side Payload Integration, We Offer:

UAV Navigation provides its clients with LibUtils, a C library with advanced functionalities such as enabling parsing of the protocol used by UAV Navigation's products, in order to establish and maintain a robust communication that allows client-side payload integration. With that, UAV Navigation accords more flexibility and facilitates the payload integration process.

Additionally, for projects that require extensive I/O capabilities and/or custom payload management, UAV Navigation provides its Mission Control Computer, VECTOR MCC.

The UAV Navigation system can interact with a wide variety of payloads:






UAV Visión

Threod Systems











Powerbox Systems

Sky Power

Zanzottera Technologies Srl








Pegasus Actuators GmbH

Ultra Motion






For further information about the payloads compatible with the UAV Navigation system, contact UAV Navigation.

UAV Navigation also manufactures some payloads that may be used with the complete system. Click here for further information.

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