Payload Integration

The UAV Navigation system can control a wide variety of payloads:
In order to carry out payload integration, the following will normally be required:
  • Payload unit on loan, together with any special cables, power supply connectors etc.
  • Interface Control Document (ICD).
  • Statement of Requirement (SOR): allows our engineers to understand exactly what objectives the Customer has for the payload.
  • Acceptance Testing Protocol (ATP): must be agreed before work starts so that an agreed acceptance criteria is in place before delivery.


For payload integration work, the deliverables will normally consist of one or more of the following:
  • A special software verson, including a driver, to allow the autopilot or AHRS unit to communicate with the new payload and incorporate the new functionality. 
  • A modification or update to Visionair to allow interaction with the new payload.
  • Modified documentation (normally via the Knowledge Base).