Flight Control for Fixed Wing UAVs

The same autopilot can be used for different platform types, just using different software. All the flight modes are covered: fully auto take-off and landing, Return-To-Base, multiple waypoints, fly-to etc. The autopilot is even able to control complex gyro-stabilized gimbals (FLIR, Controp, DST, UVision etc) and other payloads, enabling advanced functions such as geo-referenced pointing and target tracking.


UAV Navigation's autopilots are fully integrated and include all the sensors and flight control hardware/software required to fly the aircraft. No external Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) or Mission Management Computer are required - they are already included. In fact the VECTOR is often the only onboard avionics unit required other than the datalink. The system includes all the elements to convert an aircraft into a fully autonomous flying platform; if it can be flown by radio-control, then a UAV Navigation Autopilot can convert it into an UAV. For applications where high-end sensors, advanced features (onboard processing power, physical redundancy etc) and multiple connectivity solutions are required, the VECTOR is the natural choice.

For a more detailed description of the UAV Navigation FCS, click here.

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