Flight Control System Description for Helicopters

A typical UAV Navigation Flight Control System (FCS) consists of on boards elements (an autopilot and a datalink) and on ground elements (a datalink, a modem, the GCS software and a Joystick).

Flight Control Solution for Rotary Wing Platforms

  Component Provided By
Onboard Elements
  • Autopilot
  • Datalink
  • UAV Navigation:
  • External supplier: RS-232/ETH capable
  • Peripherals
  • UAV Navigation:
    • External Magnetometer (MG01)
    • Target Drone Peripheral (TGTIO02)
  • External supplier: to see integrated peripherals list go to Knowledge Base article 'Introduction to Peripherals'.
On Ground Elements
  • GCS Hardware: Modem
  • UAV Navigation:
    • Modem with external datalink (GCS03-NR)
  • Datalink
  • UAV Navigation:
  • External supplier:RS-232/ETH capable
  • GCS Hardware: Joystick
  • UAV Navigation:
  • GCS Software