Flight Control for Target Drones

UAV Navigation has over 12 years' experience of working with the world's leading aerial target manufacturers. We develop complete flight control solutions for target drones of all types and sizes, including piston-engined and high speed turbine aerial targets. The system includes all the necessary onboard avionics and datalink, together with a Ground Control Station which can be integrated with the range telemetry facilities.

Special functions include:
  • Catapult launch (up to 25G)
  • Sea-skimming (using advanced radar altimeters)
  • Flares and pyrotechnics control using the TGTIO02 Peripheral Control Board
  • Scoring systems and Miss Distance Indictors (MDI)
  • Luneburg lenses
  • Parachute recovery
  • Multiple target formation flying (e.g. simulation of missile release from an enemy aircraft)

Because all UAV Navigation autopilots are interchangeable, target service providers can choose to install UAV Navigation's VECTOR to take advantage of the advanced features the system offers on flights where the target is going to be recovered. 

For a more detailed description of the UAV Navigation FCS, click here.

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