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VECTOR-600 Breakout Board


1.  The VECTOR Breakout Board (BoB, formerly called Evaluation Board, EVBOARD) is a quick and easy way to connect the VECTOR to a PC and access all the connection capabilities of the VECTOR.

2. Note that the VECTOR BoB is not intended to be mounted inside the platform, on board. It is only an evaluation board to be used on ground, at the office. This board allows to easy access to the diferent VECTOR ports.

Figure 1. BoB - Top View


3.   Maximum outside dimensions (mm, L x H x W): 203 x 75 x 23 



4.   The VECTOR Breakout Board exposes to the outside world all of the inputs/outputs featured in the VECTOR as follows:

  • 2 x RS422 ports (COM2 and COM3)

  • 3 x RS232 ports (COM_DBG, COM0 and COM1)

  • 1 x RS232 POLAR payload port (COM_POLAR)

  • 1 x Ethernet port

  • 2 x CAN ports (CAN0 and CAN1)

  • 24 x General Purpose I/O lines (GPIO_0 to GPIO_23)

  • 8 x ADC inputs (0 to 3.3 V).

  • 1 x FPGA programming port (J4)

  • 1 x JTAG programing port (JLINK)

  • 1 x power connector (9 to 36V DC)

NOTE: The COM_DBG (COM Debug) port is an RS-232 port that is the only one with a ‘LINK’ behaviour by default. That is why this is the port that shall be used when the AP software is uploaded for the first time.



5. 9 to 36V DC should be provided using the designated female 2.5 mm barrel jack connector (positive polarity).

Figure 2. Jack connector polarity.



6.   The VECTOR Breakout Board features two two-position switches (FPGA<->PGM and CPU0<->CPU1), with functionality as follows.

  • FPGA_PGM switch in 'PGM' position:

    • FPGA programming is enabled via J4 and CPU programming is enabled via JTAG, using a JLINK connector.

    • In this mode the CPU switch is used to change between CPU0 and CPU1.

    • In this mode GPIO lines GPIO_10 thru GPIO_14 and GPIO_17 thru GPIO_23 are reserved (not in use).

  • FPGA_PGM switch in 'FPGA' position:

    • The CPU switch and the J4 and JLINK connectors are reserved (not in use).

    • All GPIOs are available.

7.   Independent of the switch positions above, all ports are always available.

NOTE: Both the FPGA_ PGM and the CPU select switches must be operated always with the power supply off.



8.   The VECTOR Breakout Board fixes simply to the front of the VECTOR as follows:

Figure 3. BoB mounting on the VECTOR

9.   For the VECTOR Breakout Board Wiring Diagram see KB article 'VECTOR Breakout Board Wiring Diagram'.

10.   GPIO power supply may be achieved by two vias:

10.1. Standard power supply: This method uses the internal power supply of 5V added in the VECTOR Breakout Board. When this method is used, a jumper block should be connected in the GPIO_PWR field of the Breakout Board contacting the 5V and the middle pins.

Figure 4. GPIOs Standard Power Supply

10.2. External supply. This method uses an external power supply connected to EXT_PWR pins. If this case is selected, jumper block should be connected contacting the EXT and the middle pins in the GPIO_PWR field.

Figure 5. GPIOs External Power Supply