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Introduction to GHU-100

1.   The GHU-100 is an advanced Ground Control Station hub developed by UAV Navigation, designed to connect multiple ground devices (PCs, Datalinks, Joysticks, etc.) and form a single network segment. This hub is specifically engineered to meet the increasingly challenging UAV mission scenarios, including maritime operations, multi-UAV, and multiple GCS control support. It is compatible with all solutions provided by UAV Navigation: Target, Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, and VTOLs.

Figure 1. GHU-100.


2.   The GHU-100 is only compatible with those of our products that have software version v9 or higher, which are:



3.   The GHU-100 provides the following features:

  • The GHU-100 has been developed to support multi UAV telemetry ensuring an improved self-awareness, efficiency and safety in a very complex mission scenario.

3.2.   System ready for complete maritime missions: Thanks to its ability to accept NMEA inputs from ship GNSS sources and send "reference sources" information to the autopilot, including RTK corrections, the GHU-100 is perfectly suited for maritime mission integration. Additionally, the GHU-100 has been designed to comply with IP66 standards.

3.4.   Easy Integration on advance GCS architectures: GHU-100 is a powerful tool to be integrated in a more complex GCS architecture which might require: multiple light indicators, physical buttons, throttle control, pedals or “HOTAS”, Multiple radio links and so on.

Figure 2. GHU-100 Front View.



4.   Refer to the following articles for further details regarding the product: