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Introduction to JY02 Joystick


1.   Where manual control of a UAV is required, UAV Navigation - Grupo Oesía (UAVNGO) offers the JY02, a radio-control style joystick, for use with its system. The JY02 connects via a cable to any of the Ground Control Station (GCS) units offered by UAVNGO:

  • GCS03
  • GCS03-NR
  • GHU-100

2.   Please see FCS Description and Operation to understand how the JY02 is connected into the system.

3.   If a new JY02, or a different cable, is used then the JY02 shall be calibrated to ensure correct function. Please, refer to the article 'Visionair - Tools - GCS Config Tool' for further details about the calibration procedure.

4.   The JY02 does not require batteries as it draws power from the GCS to which it is connected.

Figure 1. JY02.



5.   The JY02 can be provided wit one of the following layouts:

  • Mode 1: see Figure 2 (a)
  • Mode 2: see Figure 2 (b)
  • Mode 3: see Figure 2 (c)

NOTE: It must be configured accordingly for the operation in the GCS Config Tool.


                    (a)                                                                                                                                            (b)


Figure 2. (a) JY02 mode 1. (b) JY02 mode 2. (c) JY02 mode 3.



6.   Depending on the 'Manual mode switch' positions the joystick will be able or not to send telemetry:

  • UP position: the joystick commands are NOT sent. It is recommended to maintain this position when automatic modes are being executed.

  • DOWN position: the joystick commands are sent. It is necessary to keep this position in MANUAL and ASSISTED MANUAL modes.

IMPORTANT! MANUAL mode can be also activated by using the 'MANUAL switch'. Please refer to the article Joystick in Manual Control. Internal and External Pilot. for further details.

IMPORTANT! The joystick commands mentioned in this section are the periodic commands coming from the sticks. User switches commands are always sent independently of the Manual switch position.

Figure 3. Manual switch.



7.   It is important to correctly store the JY02 and its cable to avoid damages in cable connections. Do not roll-up the JY02 cable around the Joystick, disconnect it first and store it separately guaranteeing a minimum radius of approx. 10 cm.

Figure 4. Storage recommendation.