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General Purpose I/O Lines (GPIO)

1.  GPIO modes:

  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
  • Discrete Output.
  • Discrete Input.
  • Pulse Counter

2.    Pulse width modulation generator (PWM).  Each PWM channel (also called servo output) generates a standard (Futaba) PWM control signal: this signal is high for a period of one millisecond and stretches for up to one additional millisecond (1000us), with a resolution control of one microsecond (1us). The stretching of this signal is used by the servo control electronics to command a proportional servo deflection. The following diagram shows how these parameters are used:


3.   GPIO Configuration: see KB article ' Visionair Config Tools - GPIO Tab'.*

4.  Servo Configuration: see KB article 'Onboard Servo Calibration' and 'Visionair Config Tools - Servos Tab'.*

*If you wish to see all the information of the Device Config Tools (Java version), please, go to the Legacy Documents section of our Download Center. However, if you are a VECTOR autopilot client, we recommend to update Visionair, autopilot software, AHRS software and your FPGA version.