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Local Radio Frequency Regulation

1.   Some of the equipment supplied by UAV Navigation (UAVN) incorporates radio equipment with a transmit/receive capability (i.e. transceiver). Such equipment includes:

  • TELEM05 (900 MHz)
  • TELEM07 (400 MHz and 900 MHz)
  • GCS03 (900 MHz)

2.   UAVN supplies this equipment to customers in good faith and in order to demonstrate that the autopilots and ground control station units work as described.

3.   There is no guarantee, implied or actual, that the frequency used will be legal in the customer's flying location. It is a customer responsibility to ensure that local regulations concerning the use of radio frequencies are adhered to, both in terms of the frequency used and the power transmitted.

Note: in any case, it would not be possible for UAVN to supply a single radio transceiver which was legal for use worldwide; the world has various continents and zones, each with their own frequency allocations and laws.

4.   Customers wishing to use a different frequency range than that offered with UAVN equipment are encouraged to identify the transceiver which meets their requirements and to discuss integration of the unit into the Flight Control System (FCS) with UAVN.