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Introduction to MG01

Figure 1. MG01 Magnetometer

1.   The MG01 is a self-contained magnetometer unit designed to provide precision 3D magnetic field readings in highly dynamic environments. Sometimes other onboard systems (e.g. electric motors, cabling etc) can interfere with the readings obtained from the built-in magnetometers in UAV Navigation's autopilots (AP) and AHRS-INS modules. In these cases, the MG01 provides a remote installation which can be physically located in a safe place far from interference.

2.   Thanks to UAV Navigation’s advanced Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) algorithms, the MG01 assists the AP or EFIS not only with accurate heading readings, but also by improving the attitude calculation in highly dynamic conditions.
3.   Sample output:

Figure 2. MG01 Sample Output.

4.   Installation and Configuration.   Due to its minimal size and weight, the MG01 can easily be installed on wings or fuselages with minimum impact. See KB article 'Magnetometer Installation and Configuration' for full details.

5.   Please have a look at the articles listed in the section Perhiperals - MG01 for further details about the product.