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Introduction to TELEM07


UAV Navigation Datalink

1.   The TELEM07 is a radio datalink compatible with all UAV Navigation (UAVN) autopilots (AP).

2.   Three models are available as shown: 

  • TELEM07-FR900: 900MHz datalink. TELEM05 reduced size and weight version.
  • TELEM07-MH400: 400MHz datalink with a Microhard modem inside.
  • TELEM07-MH900: 900MHz datalink with a Microhard modem inside.
3.   The TELEM07 is supplied in a rugged, impact-resistant metal case and comes with the following accessories :
  • System Mating connector (female) BINDER 77 3406 0000 50006-0200
  • SMA bulkhead connector.
  • SMA to SMA coax cable.
  • 1/2 Telemetry Radio antenna (for GCS use) or 1/4 Telemetry Radio antenna (for UAV use).

4.   Please read our notes on Local Radio Frequency Regulation before using the TELEM07.

5.   For further details regarding the TELEM07 please have a look at the article listed in the section Peripherals - TELEM07 of the KB.

6.   In order to see the recommendations related to SMA Torque, please go to the following article: SMA Torque - Handling Recommendations.